Manage your membership payments with JD Gyms PayFlex

PayFlex Services

  • 1 - Pay an overdue membership payment (you will need a valid credit or debit card to hand)
  • 2 - Provide us with new bank account details for ongoing payments (please have your new sort code and account number to hand)
  • 3 - Reinstate a previously cancelled Direct Debit instruction (please have your current sort code and account number to hand)
Date of birth
* You can find your Reference Number on any payment correspondence (email/letter) you have received from us, or on your membership sign-up confirmation email.

If you experience difficulties using PayFlex or would like to discuss your account further, please contact us on 01942 914914 or head over to the JD Gyms website and use the contact form to submit a ticket to our member service team.

How we handle your card payments:
PayFlex payments are processed on a PCI DSS-compliant system provided by GMO-PG.
Once you enter your card details we will process the transaction immediately, and you will receive confirmation on screen of a successful payment.
Your card details will not be stored on this website.

How we handle your bank account details:
Any bank account details you enter will be processed using our secure servers, and will not be stored on this website once verified.
If you are reinstating or providing new bank account details we will check any details you enter against the banks centralised account number and sort code checking system. We will let you know on screen if the details you have entered are incorrect. There will be a minimum number of 10 days once you've entered or reinstated bank account details prior to any funds leaving your bank account via Direct Debit. You will receive emailed confirmation.